Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been enjoying the chilly weather is upstate NY today...down to a high of 30 degrees. Very different from home were it's supposed to hit the 80's this weekend. Just a quick post today as my vacation nears to an end. Headed back to the warm weather and to my hubby on Sunday! I'll be back to crafting then and I can't wait. Going through a bit of withdrawel since I haven't been able to craft for a few days. I did get to the local hobby lobby and fed my addiction by adding a few copics to my growing collection (they are fab if you haven't tried them yet...but be careful as they are addicting and come in such yummy colors).

Have a super day and I will be back with craft goodness next week! Can't wait to start working on my nephew's first year album now that he's turned one!!

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