Friday, December 17, 2010

Lawn Fawn

I am back from quite a long break from blogging. I am not sure that I will be blogging every day now that the holidays are in full swing. Work is about to get VERY busy for me!! But I wanted to break out some of my Lawn Fawn stamps since Kelly Marie has a challenge that ends TONIGHT...nothing like waiting until the last minute huh!! Anyway, I broke out my Sew Lovely and Critters in the 'Burbs sets for my projects today...and I am not even sure if my Critters in the 'Burbs will even count towards the challenge since they aren't cards...but what the heck!!

For Sew Lovely, I wanted to keep a pretty simple color pallet. I chose two shades of grey, white, and pink. I broke our my liquid pearls for the dress on the dress form, and mixed that with some water to get a very cool water color effect!! It's got so much shimmer in real life!! Then I added a silver bow on the dress just to make it pop a little more. I used the squiggle stamp in the set to make a border on the bottom. Here's what I came up with...

And here is a closer look at the dress. I wish you could see the shimmer, but it's there, trust me!!

As I mentioned, for the Critters in the 'Burbs set, I went a little outside the box. I didn't make cards!! For this, this set screamed treat holders!! I manage a pet supply store, so naturally, my entire management team has dogs or cats, so I figured this set would decorate some very cute treat boxes. I made one for cats and one for dogs, both inspired by my two oldest pets. First up, my almost 11 year old Russian Blue mix cat named Rocky. He's gray, and since he's a blue mix, I went with the gray and blue color pallet.

I stamped the cat image all over the gray cardstock in Versamark to create my own patterned paper...since part of the challenge was that we couldn't use any!! Then the sentiment is from the "you're the cats meow" sentiment in the set...I just inked the meow part!! Inside I have a few cat treats!!

The second project was inspired by my 9 and a half year old mixed doggy named Apollo. Yes, both are named after the Rocky movies! Rocky's elbows bow outward, and have from the moment we adopted him, so it reminded me of the pose where you flex your know fists down by your stomach, everything flexed out...I thought of Rocky immediately and it stuck!! Apollo was named by my dad. Once we told him we were getting a dog, and that he was a boy, he said "you've got to name him Apollo" and that became his name right away!! Anyway, he's a Shephard mix. He's got the black muzzle that is starting to gray as he gets older...and he loves to chase the squirrels...what dog doesn't!! So here is the doggy treat box...

The bouncing line goes all the way around...

Until we find...

Our squirrel...

How cute are these treat boxes?? I just couldn't resist!!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Christmas and my 100th blog post

So excited that today marks my 100th blog post!! It's also my post of Day 25 of Kristina Werner's holiday card series. I really can not believe that I managed to keep up through the entire series!! I think I will be taking a small break from the blog after this post. Just need some time to unwind from this self-inflicted challenge. I used a few elements from Kristina's card and made it my own. It's a circle shape (cut with my silhouette I must confess) and features a wreath, but that's about it. I broke out this Lawn Fawn stamp set again for this one and some copics.

Anyway, thanks for a great 100 blog posts!! I have had a blast so far with this and look forward to many more. As I said, I am going to take a little time off, but I won't be gone too long. I want to spend some time with my dear hubby before the retail holiday season gets too crazy busy. And I need some time to catch up on my December Daily and my Journal Your Christmas...yes, I am crazy to try to do both...but I am mainly just writing and planning with the intent to put everything together after the holidays. I want them to sort-of go together, while also being a little different!!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Joy & Peace

So I absolutly loved the card that Kristina made for Day 24 of her card series. And I loved that I already had that victorian lace doily in my sihlouette that meant another CASE card for me!! My ampersand is all wonky..I can not tell if it is upside down no matter which way I put it. I must have sat there a good ten minutes flipping it over and over again...then I just committed and left it! I figure I will likely give this card to a co-worker because I am worried those thickers won't make it through the mail!! But, on to the card...

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Quick post today of the card that I made for Day 23. Oh and check out the Papertrey Playhouse blog for our latest challenge. Anyhow, enjoy!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Little Jingle...

It was nice to break away from holiday cards to get in my latest card for the fifth challenge at the Papertrey Playhouse blog yesterday!! But now, it's on to Day 22 of Kristina's Holiday Card series. I loved the design of this card and the faux metal label. I tried to make my own metal label...twice...and both were epic failures. I don't think I was quick enough getting my stamp into the puddle of melted embossing powder. So I didn't want to repeat the attempt a third time. Instead, I just used the design of the card. I went for a standard sized card instead of the mini card. Here's what I came up with...

I wanted to use some 7gypsies tape and my Tiny Treats Christmas, and I think the marriage turn out quite nicely...with the addition of Fine Linen Cardstock and some Fancy Pants Tradition patterned paper.

I loved the design of this card so much, and I needed another Hanukkah card, so I went ahead and made one. All Papertrey Ink on this one, with the exception of the ink...I used an American Crafts Stamp Marker. I have had them for a while and have only used them once, so I figured I would break out my Denim marker (it looks black, but its's actually a nice blue). Combined with some Rustic Cream Cardstock, Bitty Box Basics and Distressed Dots for the finished card.

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