Monday, May 24, 2010


This is the newest addition to our family, Bum III. Yep, his name is Bum the third.

I've been waiting since I was 8 years old to have another "bum" cat! My parent's had a black and white tuxedo cat, who's name was Bum (II since my dad had the original Bum when he was growing up), and I absolutly loved him! I have fond memories of carrying him around with my arms up under his belly, his front legs hanging to my right and his back legs hanging to my left. I still remember being told about his death. Since that Bum left this world, I think my entire family knew that one day I would have my own Bum cat, and we brought him home almost two weeks ago. He really does love to sprawl out...I am not sure I have ever seen him curl up in a tight ball to sleep.

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