Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just me writing today

No card or scrapbook layout today. Just wanted to type today and explain how one goes from a Secondary Education-Chemisty major to a History Major-Political Science Minor. Here's how:

Flash back to Spring semester 1997 (my freshman year). I had an appointment with my education major advisor to set up my fall semester for my sophomore year. I had it all planned out Organic Chemistry, Physics 1, Calculus 3, and a few electives. I was going to stick with the Chem major, I was not a quitter when the going got tough (as it had gotten...mainly in Calc 2). That spring semester of 1997 I was taking Calc 2, Chem 2, US History, and something else I quite honestly can't remember. So to my appointment I went and I waited for my advisor to arrive since I was early. But then the appointment time came and went, and I still waited...waited...and waited some more. I think I waited almost 30 minutes, but then it happened. I looked up and actually whispered "is this a sign?" I picked up my bookbag, which by then I had set down on the floor, and left...headed back to my dorm room. I grabbed the phone and called my future roommate (who worked in the admissions office) to have her bring back a change of major form. Yes, this was still the time of forms, before everything was computerized. That was when I decided to change my major to History.

Thanks for listening to me blabber on today and thanks for stopping by!

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