Monday, July 26, 2010

Locks of Love

This was the layout that I sneaked a few days ago. I sent this in as part of my American Crafts Design Team application. I finally scrapped the pics of my getting my hair cut off (chopped off would be a better way to describe it) to donate to locks of love.

I tucked the journaling behind the post cards I received for my hair donation.

The jounraling reads:
I have never been attached to the length of my hair. I have grown it out many times, just to cut it off really short. I love the shock value doing something this crazy has. Most people would not do something this drastic. If you know me, you know I am not most people. I had been growing my hair out for quite a while, then I watched Anne Curry cut her hair off on the Today show and donate it to Locks of Love, which must have been  a few years before I cut mine, but watching her do that gave me the idea to do it myself. I figured that this time, I would at least be cutting of my hair for a good purpose, not just to end up in the trash. So I started to research how many inches I needed so I would have an end point. You need to have 10 inches of un-processed hair (natural, free from dies, perms, etc). I qualified since I cut off and had re-grown out my natural hair from my last dye job. I think at that point I was somewhere near 8 and a half inches. I talked to my hair dresser who suggested I get a quarter inch trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the hair strong, so that is what I did. By the time July 31, 2007 rolled around I knew my hair was long enough. I woke up that morning not knowing if it was the day or not. My parents both asked me, but I had not made the decision yet. That ws very un-like me. Usually I knew when I was going in to the hair dresser what I wanted, but not this day. I told my mom to bring the camera just in case. I did not actually decide until Aggie, my hair dresser, asked me what we were going to do with my hair today. At that moment, I knew it was time, and I replied "we are going to cut it off and done it to Locks of Love." Of course she asked if I was sure, which I was. So, since she had already washe dmy ahir, she dried it, then braided it. She asked me one more time if I was really sure, which I absolutly was, and she proceeded to cut the hair off. I ended up donating over 14 inches. For most women, going to such a drastically short length would have been hard, but for me I loved it! And knowing that my hair was going to go to help someone made it feel even better! I am currently in the process of growing my hair out again, to donate again, though I do not think I will go this short nedt time, but with me you never know. I am a woman, and I reserve the right to change my mind!!

Here's a good shot of the before. Also, I love the Martha Stewart butterfly punch layered over the Dear Lizzy fabric paper! So cute!!

And this is a good shot of the after. It was REALLY short!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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