Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scrappin' Sunday

I am a little late in posting this today, but better late than never right!! This layout is based on this sketch from Shimelle Laine. Loving her weekly sketches, though I havent't the time do do each one every week...just love that they are there for reference when I get in a scrapping rut.

This layout is half of the January 1st layout for my holiday daily journal that I am finishing up! (Only 4 days left to complete and some are already in the this half of the 1st!!) My hubby and I went ice skating on the first!! Such a cool way to celebrate new year's day!! The University Of Central Florida has an event the last few holiday seasons called "light up UCF" where they have christmas lights to the hilt on many buildings, a ferris wheel (it is central florida afterall), a stage for live music, outdoor movies, a small ice slide for saucer sledding, and a small ice rink. Mind you that while I have gone ice skating before (I am from Central New York afterall), my hubby never has!! This ended up being a quick on the ice then right off the ice kinda thing for two reasons...first was the at the ice was horrible. I guess I was spoiled growing up with an indoor ice rink with a zamboni (not even a clue if I spelled that right) to keep the ice nice and smooth, but this ice was like peanut butter. I expected to push off and go, but no, I was stuck...reminded me of the commercial where the guys take off from the swimming blocks into caramel!! And the second hubby didn't listen to me when I told him to tie his skates he kept wobbling and complaining that it was "killing" his ankles (I bet he listens next time)! So we got on then got right off...but now my hubby can say he's been ice skating! I plan to take him to a ice rink the next time we visit my family up north so he can get a real feel for it!! For now, this worked for us!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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