Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Happy Sunday blog friends!! Hope you have been enjoying the weekend!!

My brother-in-law celebrated his birthday on the 24th, so it's a pretty safe bet that he's received his card gift already. That means I can finally share the card I made to celebrate the occasion. This card even got the seal of approval from my husband on not being too girly (or froo-froo) as he and my dad would say.

I had originally intended to send this card, but it was deemed to girly. I thought it was simple and would therefore, be good for a masculine birthday. I LOVE those buttons!!

My husband gave me a big thumbs down to sending that one...and as the male voice I often referr to, I truged ahead to come up with another idea. Then my husband said to me, "there was one you made that would work was plaid I think." I didn't remember making anything plaid so I questioned which card he was referring to. He asked to see the pictures I take of my cards and he would easily be able to pick it out. But my pictures are scattered on multiple disks. After thinking, I told him I was sure I knew the card and pulled up this one from my blog...the one I had made last spring for my parent's anniversary. He confirmed this as THE ONE (then I explained that this was argyle not plaid)!

I now had a design I could pull from, and  since my A Little Argyle set hadn't been inked in a while, I was game. Love that stamp set!! Off to pick colors that suited my brother-in-law. He is a Virginia Tech Alumni, so I went with Hokey colors...maroon (or the closest that I had to it) and orange. I used grey for the background dashes so as to not distract from the main colors (I wanted it to be lighter than black) and used a kraft base.

While the anniversary card was a single layer card, I decided to actually use the Mat Stack 1 frame and use dimensional adhesive this time around. And there you have it. I was really thrilled with how great it turned out...and my hubby liked it alot too! I am thinking of my St. Patrick's Day cards already (it is my favorite holiday afterall) and using some green argyle!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. love it!! My BIL is a VT alum with those colors. will have to totally remember this for when i need one for them.