Saturday, May 14, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

I know, I's MAY!!! I wanted to play along with another of Shimelle's NSD Challenges and I knew the story of this particular Christmas tree would be perfect for her challenge about scrapbooking a photo that needs an explaination.

To most, this would look like just a regular, ordinary Christmas tree. But for my sister and I, it's so much more!! This this is a layout of the tree that she and I cut down by ourselves...with pretty dull saws that my Dad gave us when we decided to go on this mission. My parents usually put up an artifical tree, but she and I both wanted a real tree. So we set out to cut one down, and this is documentation of that story (infamous story if you know my's told often)!

Can you tell that I was totally inspired by the 5 Ideas For Border Punches post on her blog too??? Loved getting punchy!! And I used some of the Frosties stamps from Lawn Fawn on the journaling spot and the cream spot on the top. I used Jenni Bowlin's Malted Milk on the cream cardstock to stamp the snowflakes so they wouldn't be too overpowering since I wanted to use it at my journaling spot.

Speaking of journaling, here is the story of this tree...

In 1997, Melanie and I decided that we wanted to go cut down our own Christmas tree instead of using the artificial tree and it was going to be just the two of us going to do this. We went to a lol tree farm armed with two of Dad's saws. The guy who was working looked at the two of us and asked it we were sure that we wanted to cut one down as there were plenty of pre-cut trees available. The look he gave us made us more determined. Off we went to the area to cut your own tree. We spent some time finding the perfect three. Once we found "the one," we began to saw at the base. However, it turned out that the saws we were given were a bit dull. I think we had been working at it for around two hours...second guessing our decision. Then we both just decided that we were not leaving without that tree. So Melanie began to saw while I pushed at the top of the tree...eventually it just snapped. Then we loaded it nto th truck and I held onto the tree as Melanie drove back to the main area. She told me to let the tree go if it strted to drop out the back...I told her I was not letting go of that tree so she's better drive slow. We got back and paid for the tree...the bundled it up for us and relaoded it Mom and Dad were shocked by the size and we had to get a new base because the one they had wasn't big enough. We also had to put itup by the back door instead of the side winow because we needed the height of the vaulted ceiling. I will never forget the adventure of getting that tree!!!

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  1. Great layout and fun story...a perfect moment to remember!