Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diamond Head

So not only were we blessed to have Waikiki Beach directly across the street from our hotel, but every day when we opened out hotel door to go anywhere we were greeted by Diamond Head!! When we checked into our hotel, we found out that we had been upgraded. I am not exactly sure what we were upgraded to, just that we were bumped up. Our room was actually on a balcony so to speak. Instead of a normal hotel where there was a corridor of rooms on both sides of the hall way, this hotel was set up a bit differently. There were the normal closed in hallway, traditional hotel rooms. Then off the back side were the rooms with the hallway that was open on one side and the room on the other. So we had our tiny, scary, small-cement-slab-coming-out-of-the-side-with-no-visible-supports balcony off our sliding glass door, then we had the balcony that was much larger and safer (and communal) out our front door.

The photos we took of eachother with Diamond Head in the background were literally taken with the other person standing in our door way!! It was perfect. Again, not a five star hotel, but five star views for sure! I was obsessed with taking photos of this extinct volcano...wanted to get the perfect shot, kept trying to get the entire think into the frame (without any of those other pesky hotels proved to be impossible). And I also mixed color photos and black & white photos on this layout.

I did a little stamping on that tag. It's a sentiment from the American Crafts stamp set that coordinates with the Margarita line (sorry I can't remember the name). It was a perfect fit!!

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