Friday, June 10, 2011


So the first portion of our trip to Hawaii was paid for by my husband's company as he was rewared with being in their Circle Of Excellence. That meant that we had some events to attend that had been put together by his company (including a morning of games, dinners, brunches, a 70's themed event one night, and one prepaid activity, among other things). Most afternoons we had free. So one afternoon we went walking around the hotel grounds taking in all of the sights...and they were both breathtaking and priceless!!

These photos focus on the laval rock coastline and black sandy beaches that are common on the Kona coast. And the black sand feels just like regular white sand. It is like nothing I have ever seen before, but hope to see again!!

And yes, this layout was one that I did during my stash diving!! I have two more to share of my original round of stash diving as I eventually had to add in a few more pattern papers so I will be able to complete the album. But this process really has made me reconsider how much pattern paper I buy!!

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  1. i love to try new thing every time and you have also habbit of this. Thanks dude, i like your effort.