Monday, August 22, 2011


It's not secret that I love Starbucks!! Those who know me think it's what's running through my veins I am sure!! I do have a cup of coffee everyday, but I only go to Starbucks once a does get expensive if I go more than that! It seems that every season, they release a special drink just for that time of the fall, everyone loves their pumpkin spice latte's (well, everyone except me because I don't like anything pumpkin), one summer it was a mint mocha frappuccino, there was one season with a maple latte (that was super yum in my opinion), and I think there's even a peppermint eggnog latte around Christmas (don't quote me on that one because I also don't do anything eggnog either)!! This summer they have had the mocha coconut flavor...and it's so good!! I get it in frappuccino form of course (I do live in Florida drinks are usually only good for a few months down here, then it's all about the cold drinks)! When I was just getting to know the instagram app on my iphone, I took a pic of a freshly made mocha coconut frappuccion...and I just had to scrap that for the memories.

Ok, here's the true story behind this layout. A few months back I decided to try a few Mister Huey mists by Studio Calico. I love the glimmer mists, so I wanted to give these a try since they were a flat mist...more options and all! When my mists arrived, I had to try them out, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to use them on, so I just grabbed this sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 kraft cardstock from my stash. It very well may have already been on my desk waiting to be made into some cards. I honestly can't remember. But the first colors I picked up were Piglet (a light pink) and Pickle (a green). So I put this sheet into a box and misted it with some pink. The results were less then stellar as the pink doesn't really show up to well on the kraft. Then I just shot it with some of the Pickle...which turned out fantastic. Then I set the paper aside figuring I would use it for something, I just didn't know what. I shuffled this sheet of cardstock around my office for a long time...moving it from the desk, to a shelf, back to the desk, over to a different shelf, to a pile over there, to a pile over here!! It just kept moving and moving because I couldn't part with a piece of cardstock that had a bit of mist on it!! Then I took this picture and once I got it back I had an epiphany...that misted kraft cardstock would be perfect for a simple layout about my summer love affair with the Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccio!! Match made in heaven! I don't usually scrap this size, but it works very well for this subject and it add's just a little something extra to my 2011 album!

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