Wednesday, September 7, 2011

mr. fix it

My nephew, Matt, is very observant! Anytime anyone is making something, fixing something, building something, or doing anything really, he's all eyes watching. When my niece was little, my parents had gotten her this radio flyer car on wheels that is pushed by the riders feet. At 4, she has outgrown in, but my nephew is perfectly sized for it right now. There were two castors on the front of the car in addition to the car wheels. I guess they are there to give it stability and the ability to turn corners since the regular car wheels are plastic and fixed (meaning unable to turn). One of those casters had broke, but the car still worked. When I was visiting them in early August, and my parents were there too, my sister had asked my dad to try to fix it. So after a trip to Home Depot to get some castors, my dad ended up replacing both. We couldn't fins an exact match to the unbroken castor, so it was best to just change them both out. And of course, Matt wanted to 'help.' His version of helping was watching everything grandpa did!! Love that!!

I used Basic Grey's Oxford collection on kraft cardstock for this layout. I did a simple embellishment cluster to the right of the two photos on the bottom. The strip of pattern paper that runs across the bottom was not long enough to go all the way across, but cutting it in half and hiding the break behind the photos makes it so you can't tell!! I did some paint spots too, with a blue dauber and a white mister.

Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday!! Thanks for stopping by!

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