Monday, October 31, 2011

shimelle's pretty paper party

First off, let me just say Happy Halloween!! I can't believe it's Halloween and November starts tomorrow!! Crazy how fast time flies as you get older!!

I signed up for Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party class a few weeks ago, but I am about 2 weeks behind on completing the prompts!! It's always good to show up fashionably late to a party right. If you want to sign up and take the class you can do so here. Like all of her classes, you can sign up at any time and have access to all of the class information forever! And, no, I don't get anything for letting you know about the class. I just love Shimelle's classes so I try to pass along the info when she has a new one.

This class is all about pattern paper and using it on our layouts. I love me some pattern paper that's for sure, so this class was perfect!! And I am determined to start and finish this class...maybe a little late on both sides, but I am doing my best to get caught up and at least finish on time...or close to on time! I will be working through all the prompts (I keep telling myself that so it comes true...I feel like I should write that out on a chalk board somewhere over and over and over...HA)!!

First order of business is to share our paper. I have lots!! I am a paper collector that's for sure. I usually get new stuff, let it sit in my stash while I actually scrap or craft with older stuff. Sometimes I just can't bring myself to cut up the brand spankin new papers!!! I am slowly getting over that thanks to Shimelle's Stash Diving class from True Scrap I (I picked up the class when they went ala carte back in May). But here is a shot of some of my paper stash...

Sorry about the quality of the's a bit dark for my taste. But this is completely unedited. I didn't move papers around for this photo, so I figured I would leave it as is...exactly how it turned out from the camera.

I will be back tomorrow with my projects from the first two prompts of the class. I am up to working on prompt #7, though I received #13 this morning (we get 6 each week). Catch you back here then...thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You are ahead of me and I started on time!!! LOL