Friday, July 16, 2010

U Rock!

Wednesday was my 9th anniversary and I got a lovely watch from my dear hubby. I mainly wear a men's watch that I had gotten from Target a few years back...just love the look of men's watches. It really started many years ago when my watch broke, and I borrowed one of my dad's...I've had a love affair with men's watches since. I am allergic to fake jewelry (LUCKY me) and break out into intense hives if I wear anything by real gold or stearling silver, so I wore my dad's back in the day because it was an athletic watch on a cloth worries about having a reaction. When I found that the particilar watch I have in the present day didn't cause a reaction, I just stuck with it. Well, my dear hubby wanted me to have a nice feminine (meaning made for women) watch that I could wear...bless his sweet heart!! It's both silver and gold, so it will go with everything!! Just like him to be thinking about how I am all matchy matchy when it comes to the small amount of jewelry I wear!!

Anyway, along with the watch, I received a box of Papertrey Ink goodies I had ordered, and a Live with Prima kit I had ordered!! Great day Wednesday!! And it was Papertrey Ink's release night too boot!! What a great anniversary!!

With my new goodies I made this card...
Used my new Say It With Style stamp set (how did I not get this set when it first came out??) some Summer Sunrise ink, ribbon, and paper from the Bitty Box paper collection. Loving Summer Sunrise!! Can't wait to get my latest order with the new Harvest Gold!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Looks great! Those colors are awesome together. I'm so excited for Harvest Gold too!