Monday, May 9, 2011

Update and a new layout

It's been quite some time since I've blogged. Sorry for the long absence!! This is quite a long post too!!

Here's the update. A few weeks ago, we took our oldest dog, Apollo to the vet for what we believed to be arthritis in his back hips. We wanted to see if there was anything we could do to make him more comfortable and so it would be easier for him to stand up from laying down. The day after longer walks he would be very stiff in the back end. So we went with the impression that we would get some asprin or something to that effect. But the vet visit started with some bloodwork, which came back great...everything working as it should...or so it appeared. The next test was supposed to be a urinalysis...but since he had just gone to the bathroom, we skipped that and moved on to x-rays. The x-rays showed a mass...on either is stomach, kidney, or spleen. The recommendation was to move forward and call in a specialist to do an ultrasound. Of course we went with that. At this point we were in a holding patter as we waited for the specialist to arrive. She was an hour and a half away, but cancelled her other appointments to come! We waited...and gave Apollo water...which meant they could do the uninalysis while we waited. Let me preface this with the fact that my dog does NOT like to be on his when he had to be for about 30 minutes for the ultrasound, I was quite worried about how he would do. But he did wonderfully!!! I focused on him and keeping him calm, while my husband and the vet watched the ultrasound. Apollo looked at me the whole time, almost consoling me as I was trying to console him!! That's my dog...that's what he does!! He can sense if you're upset and comes to give you a hug even if you don't call for him!! He just knows that's what you need!! Anyway, the ultrasound showed that the mass was on his kidney and they would be shocked it it was functioning at all. However, like humans, dogs can live with one kidney (I've actually read where they are testing kidney transplants for dogs)!!! They took samples of the mass to send off for testing. We got the results back the following week at his recheck. The cells appear to be cancerous masked by inflamatory cells. The only way to know for sure would be to do a biospy and surgery. After a long consultation with our vet, we decided against that. Just putting him under at his age could kill him. Also, if they go in and touch the mass, it could cause it to explode like a firework and spread very quickly to other organs. We've decided to keep him comfortable with anti-inflamatories twice a day and a pain med at night to help him get a good nights sleep. He has been doing great with this...even pulling on the leash a little when we walk and jogging more than he had in quite some time. He hadn't eaten a pig ear in I can't tell you how long, but not he eats quite a few a week (we're on strict instructions to spoil him too). Between the two appointments he gained almost 3 pounds...which was very good since he had lost quite a bit!! So, as our vet told us, he will tell us when it's time...and right now it's NOT time (I am happy to report). The good days far outnumber the bad!!

And now for the layout!!! One very specific reason that I wanted an iPhone was for the Hipstamatic ap! Love the look of vintage photos. So that's the first thing I got when I got my phone a few weeks ago!! Yes, I am slow with the upgrading!! Ha!! And thanks to Shimelle, I am in love with!! They make printing these photos so very easy!!! And the shipping is super fast too (ordered my prints on Sunday and had them on Thursday)!!! Here's the layout I put together using this sketch of the week from Shimelle.

Bubbie is actually a nickname that we call him, and he responds to it just as well as he does Apollo. I wish I knew how it came about. It rhymes with wubbie, which is what I call my security blanket (yes, I still have it from my childhood) it was fitting I guess. I know that Bubbie is grandmother in the Jewish faith, but I obviously didn't know that when I started calling him by this! I think of it as a term of endearment.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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