Monday, July 18, 2011


This is my second post today. I decided that I wanted to get this up right away rather then let it wait until another day and then it never gets posted at all.

I signed up for Shimelle's latest class called Explore. We started today. The first assingment was to take a self-portrait (in front of a mirror...with the camera showing), create our playbook (or use the printable workbook) and make a few notes to self. I took the self-portrait (with my dslr after a few attempts with my iPhone failed to turn out the way I had hoped) and put my playbook together, but I have yet to get to the writing portion. I am planning to work on that tonight. I will be quite busy at work over the next few days so, while I will be keeping up with the class, I won't have another explore related post until Friday. I just wanted to be honest about that going in! I am going to do my best to keep up with this class and share as much as I can when I can (even if it means a second post in addition to what I had already planned to post here on the blog).

This is me...freckles and all (though you can't see them too well)...

And this is my playbook...

I made the playbook from Echo Park's Country Drive collection papers and stickers. I trimmed 12 sheets down to 6x12 and then scored each sheet at 6 inches, so I would be left with a 6x6 book. After scoring each paper, I measured one sheet down the center at 1", 3", and 5". I used my paper piercer and poked holes at those spots, then I used this sheet as a guide to put the holes in the other 11 pages. I then bound my book with baker's twine (which you can see on the left). I tied a double knot bow to make it a little more secure, and if the twine frays a bit, or unravels a bit at the ends, I am OK with it!! I put the cover together using some scraps, a journaling tag from the collection, and some of the letter stickers from the collection. So excited to get going and get this little baby filled!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Gorgeous little book Deb. This should come together so well.

  2. Love those bright colors. Your book will be a cheerful companion during class.

  3. Beautiful bright colors! I love the photo as well- very pretty!

  4. I love your book, it's fab! Great SP too. Looking forward to "exploring" the class with you!

  5. Love those bright colors! Very pretty!

  6. Book looks great, I need to stop looking at everyone else's and get mine done :)