Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 things

It's the that means it's time for another 10 things!! I didn't plan for this months post at I am just going to wing it!! I loved Shimelle's 10 things post about her town (London) and it's making me want to get a passport and take a trip across the pond!! For me, it was the part about the history...since I LOVE history!! But for now, I will hopefully convince a few people to visit my town...Orlando, FL!!

Attractions: We are home to Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios (which...hello...has Harry Potter!!)

Space Travel: A quick drive east and you'll find yourself on the space coast, and while the shuttle program is officially over, it's still a pretty cool place to visit. The VAB (vehicle assembly building) is HUGE and it's a pretty neat sight to take in a launch pad...or even a rocket launch if you visit when one is scheduled!!

Beaches: go east or west and you're going to hit a's just a given!!

State Parks: Weikiva Springs is a natural spring you can swim in, it's attached to the river that you can canoe up, or you can just have a fun afternoon picnic!! It's a bit of country inside the city!!

Hot Air Balloons: I see them flying every morning on my way to work!! What a great way to see Orlando!!

Water Parks: Don't feel like going to the beach...we've got a few water parks to help beat the heat!! Wet n' Wild, Aquatica, Disney's Blizzard Beach, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon...just to name a few!!

Car Racing: Daytona International Speedway (and world famous beach) are just an hour away!!

Cirque Du Soleil: La word...Amazing!!

Weather: If you like the heat...well, this is your town!!

Discovery Cove: Did I mention that we have a place where you can swim with dolphins??

Thanks for stopping by!!

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