Thursday, August 18, 2011


Happy Thursday!! I am back with another layout!! I put this layout together for the Grid It Up challenge over at Shimelle's blog. Since the photos that I used are from our 10th anniversary dinner, I used a similar color scheme as I used here. These layouts will sit opposite eachother in my album, so I wanted them to appear to go together!

While the meal at Victoria & Alberts is fabulous, one of the parts of the experience my hubby and I look forward to most is the coffee. It is brewed in a vintage coffee pot right at the table. And, to be honest, it's better than any coffee that is brewed in my pot at home. But that's why we look so forward to this part of the dinner...and another reason it's someplace we go to only so super special occasions. We all need to have things we look forward to!!

I am planning to be back later today with another layout to share. Until then, thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. I like your grid. I am having trouble making this one work for me. Mine keep looking like soldiers all in a row LOL Yours def don't look like that!

    Your dinner sounds so lovely. I told my husband about it today and he loved the sound of it. I think I shall have to put that on my 'do next time' list for Florida.