Sunday, August 14, 2011

i love this girl

I have been absent from the blog all weekend because Shimelle (one of my favorite scrappers and bloggers) has been having a 'Proud to Scrapbook' event on her blog this weekend with lots of challenges. I encourage you to check it out you can enter the layout challenges until Sunday, August 21st!! You can check out all of the scrappy challenges here. As a result of this and my job, I have either been working or scrapping...therefore neglecting the blog a but. But never fear, now I have LOTS of projects to share!! First up is not exactly what I had planned to share first, but BOTH camera batteries are dead (and therefore charging now) and this was the ONLY layout I was able to photograph. I put this layout together for the From The Heart Challenge, which calls for I Heart... or I Love... as part of the title.

This is my niece and I just love this girl!! She's also my Goddaughter and my little buddy!! I first met her when she was 2 months old (I live far away from the rest of my family) at her baptism, where my husband and I were blessed with the honor of becoming her Godparents!! That's when I became known to her as her crazy Aunt Debbie (of course, she doesn't remember that but everyone else does so she's picked it up). I was then able to travel up to see my family when she was about 7 months. On the ride from the airport to my sister's house, I was warned by my parents that my niece was very shy and often needed a bit of time before going to someone she didn't know. But when I walked in the door, my sister handed her right to me...I made a funny face and she immediatly started laughing. No shyness around me what-so-ever...though she was with my parents who she had seen many times more than she had seen me!! Some say it's because I'm her mom's sister and she could sense sister and I, however, agree that it's because I am a goof ball and didn't give her the chance to do anything but laugh!! I didn't include this story on this layout because I have plans for it on another!! Just FYI on that!!

Anyway, I hope you have the chance to check out some of the challenges and maybe even take part in one!! I'll be back tomorrow with another layout to share!! Until then, thanks for stopping by!!


  1. It makes me smile to see the proud scrapbooker logo on your blog. I added it to mine too and I'm proud I participated in this weekend challenge! The layout of you and your daughter is very cute!

  2. Very sweet Lo of you and your niece. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite entry so far in this challenge, it looks so girly which really fits the subject of the page. Great stuff!!

  4. i really like all of the white space anbd soft patterns and colors on this