Friday, September 16, 2011

dance like no one is watching

This is one of those moments in life that you're thankful was captured on film!! A special moment between two sisters, a moment of obvious fun! To be honest, I didn't know the picture was even taken until I saw the proofs of it! My back was to the camera and I had spent most of the night enjoying the wine bar at my sister's wedding (making up for not drinking  a drop of anything at my wedding)! Those two combined made for very good odds that I wouldn't not have knowledge of this picture!! But it was a moment that I have to include in my 2005 scrapbook!!

I was my sister's Matron of Honor, just as she was my Maid of Honor!! As I said, I didn't drink a drop of anything, well except for a sip for the toast, but not a drop of anything else. I was too afraid of having to go to the bathroom with all of that dress and stuff on. Was not going to deal with that, so I just didn't drink anything...not even water! And it worked, because I never did visit the bathroom once I had the dress on. So I made up for that ten fold at my sister's wedding!! She and her new husband had their reception at a winery in upstate New it was a free wine bar. I visited the same bar tender all night and she knew my choice everytime...being sister of the bride had it's perks! Toward the end of the night, I found out my dad had been visiting the same bar tender all night as well! It was quite funny when we both went to the bar and put our glasses up, and without missing a beat the bar tender grabbed one bottle in each hand and poured them out for us!! I didn't do much dancing until the end of the evening, so it was nice that this moment was captured!

I put the layout together for Shimelle's latest Starting Points challenge. It was a grid of pattern paper with a thin stip across the middle. I chose to use a 7.5 inch square block over that and embellished from there. The flowers are the craftable one's from Prima. I used Dusty Concord Distress Strain and Perfect Pearl mist to color them so they'd match the purple in the papers, with Teresa Collins Blingage in the centers. I also used some Studio AE and Papertrey Ink stamps.

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  1. Love your colours and your telling of the story behind your photo.