Tuesday, September 20, 2011

go games

I've still got quite a few photos to get onto scrapbook pages to be able to call out Hawaii album complete, so I figured I would grab one of them for this layout, based on the latest Sketch of the Week from Shimelle. I'm a day later in posting this than usual, but oh well. Sometimes, I really don't like schedules...I'd much rather just wing it and go with the flow!!

We got to go to Hawaii because my husband was awarded with the Circle of Excellence award. The result of which was him and a guest travelling to our 50th state! On the first full day we had what was called the Go Games. These were team building activities, like volleyball, big wheel races, a frisbee toss, and others. We were on Team N, and this layout highlights our team photo!

The one game our team excelled at was the phone number frisbee toss. They had a big piece of wood painted like a cell phone with holes where the numbers go and the objective was to 'dial' the phone number of the team leader as many times as possible. You 'dialed' by throwing the frisbee into the hole for the corresponding number. Our team excelled because we picked 10 team members, each one having a specific number to hit, and we just kept going around and around in order. That way one person or a few people didn't have to remember a lot of numbers. We just had one to hit and needed to stay in order...easy peasy!! We knocked it out of the park!! But there weren't any prizes or anything, just a lot of fun to be had!!!

To keep continuity among the album, I have been using the Margarita collection from American Crafts, so I kept true to that with this layout as well. The journaling spot is from an old Fancy Pants collection....I think it's from 2006. I kept it out so I would use it again, sooner than later this time!!

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