Friday, September 30, 2011

ice creamery

It's quite late in the day, but I am determined to get this blog post up today before the start of the weekend. Oh the weekend, I love the weekend, even if I work half of it! This is also my fifth and final post in my Studio Calico blog appreciation week. For this layout, I used more of the Boardwalk kit. I am so happy with the number of layouts I have made from this kit...really stretching it out since I love it so! I do think it's getting time to kill it though and move on to Glee Club soon!!

Normally, I post my sketch of the week layout on Monday's, but this week I was feeling a bit sassy and put it together it's going up on Friday!! That makes me happy! It's for Shimelle's latest SOTW, which you can check out here if you're interested!!

I changed things up from the sketch a little. The sketch calls for three smaller (wallet sized perhaps) photos, but I decided to use two 4x4 instagram photos that I took in early August while on vacation. These are of a ice creamery shop near where my sister lives. I wish I could remember when she introduced me to this place, but it is by far my favorite ice cream. It's a very good thing I live so far away from this place because if I lived close, I would surely frequent it often during the summer months! All of the ice cream is home-made and they have some of the funkiest flavor names (i.e, playdough...and no I haven't tried this one). I am a creature of habit at restruants (ice cream shoppes included). Once I find something on the menu I love, I always get that. There are a lot of times that I go in with the best of intentions to try something new, and fully intend to do just that, that is until I am asked by the waiter/waitress for my order...then I fall right back to my old faithful. And my old faithful for ice cream is moose tracks!! So on this visit to the local ice creamery, I got moose tracks in a waffle cone...yummy!!! Can't wait for my family trip north next year!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I really like your LO and how you used two square photos instead of the three on the sketch. I have some of my own baby photos from the 60's ... square 4" I think that I would love to scrap but not sure of what to do with that size. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Mandy McK