Thursday, September 16, 2010

Altered Record Album

One of the classes I took with the Glitz Girls, Ginger and Laura, was altering a record album. Yep, I said that...altering a vinyl record album. It's such a cool project and way outside of my comfort zone...that's why I signed up for this class instead of their layout classes. We used a lot of their Kismet products to not only alter the outside of the album, but the record itself. Here's what I came up with...

This was a Fiddler On The Roof album...which is really great considering I played in the pit for this production at my high school my junior year!! I was excited about it, even though I covered Tevia up...just didn't fit with my decor...but you can see some of his beard just under the U in the Top 10 Reasons 2 Luv U. Love those paper flowers that I learned how to make at the class as well...such fun to make these!!

And, as I mentioned, we decorated the album inside too! I folded a sticker around the edge of the album (wasn't my idea, it's what the sample looked like at our class, and I thought it was a great idea to show that there was more than just the cover).

My hubby and I love taking photos of ourselves with one of us sticking our arm out to snap the picture. Well, I love taking these type of photos and I think my husband humors me...but he never complains when I ask him to stand there until we get just the right picture!

It was such a fun class and such a unique project. I absolutely LOVE how it looks in my studio!!

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