Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I had the idea a few weeks before visiting my sister last month of going to Chuck-E-Cheese for my birthday. I know it's mainly for kids, but that was just it...I figured my niece and nephew would have a blast (and if I could get in a few games of skee ball that would be just great). So that then became the plan and the kids had a blast!!

The kids had the most fun riding the car rides they had there while the adults had a blast playing the games for tickets (which we combined so the kids could get some fun prizes). Thankfully, my sister did a great job getting a pic of each kid on each ride!!

I put this together for the latest installment of 4x6 photo love over at 2peas using the Boardwalk kit from Studio Calico and the Sea Glass add-on. Speaking of Studio Calico, I can't believe it's reveal night tonight already (subbers can pick up the add-ons at noon today). I am still working through August's kit (Boardwalk) and haven't even gotten Septemeber's kit out of the box and it's reveal of October!!! Where does the time go!!

Have a fabulous day!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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