Thursday, September 1, 2011

learn something new every day

So I am taking another class with Shimelle. Love her classes. Explore was an epic fail for me in terms of keeping up with the daily prompts every day. I know exactly why and how I fell behind, it was something that I could not prevent nor stop, it happened and I have moved on. Eventually I will begin that again, start over completely, and do all the tasks within the explore prompts. For now, I am moving on and working on this new a different way with a different attitude. My plan is to go throughout each day waiting for the new learning to happen...when it does, I am sure I will recognize it. I'll record that on a post-it and put it on my calendar. Then I will 'try' to capture some representation of that learning in photo form on my iPhone using the instagram app. Then I plan to blog about it here, every day, sharing the photos as we go along as well. Then when all is said and done, I will have the contents of my book. All I will have to do is print up the photos and the blog posts...and there you have it, a completed project. And since it's all on the blog, I can put the book together whenever I want. So there will be days when I post twice, or maybe even three times, and there will be days when my learning from that day is the only thing I share. I think this will be the easiest for me since my life can be so unpredictable most of the time!!

Today, I learned that I can accomplish a lot when I am focused on one thing at a time (and I get up REALLY early). Here's proof...

Six crafty projects all completed today...all from start to finish! My office was a disaster, but I am not sure I have ever gotten this much accomplished in one day before!

If you're taking the class, too, I'd love to hear about what you learned today!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love that Holiday Planner in the photo. I am still trying to sort out what I learnt on the first day. 'Twas an interesting day ...