Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holy Bananas

Holy Bananas it's been almost three whole months since I have last blogged. 2012 does not seem to be my year for blogging that's for sure! I have been doing a lot of creating, but for some reason I have just seemed to love the love for blogging and sharing what I have been creating! Hopefully, that ends now, but as seen from my pattern so far this year, I can't promise anything.

Back in 2009, Kristina Werner, one of my favorite crafters and bloggers, started a Holiday Card Series. This year marks her fourth year. Back in 2010, I played along with her card series and made a card based on her card then posted it here with a link back to her original post. I did not play along last year because of my hectic schedule, but I am thinking that another go at it is in order for 2012. Maybe it will help me get back into blogging!! Anyway, before I post the card I made based on her Day 1 card, I wanted to link you back to the three previous years of this series first. Be advised that your landing page for each link will be the last card in the series and you'll be following backwards. Anyway, here they are: 2009, 2010, and 2011. And another thing to love is that she has pdf files of all the cards for sale on her blog as well! Great for future reference or to use as sketches for non-holiday themed cards.

So on to Day 1 of Kristina's holiday card series for 2012!! I highly recommend checking out the original post and video here! And here is my take...

I love using Aqua for holiday cards!! Lots of Papertrey Ink products as use here...items I haven't used in quite some time because I haven't made many cards lately!! But it is that time of year to start thinking about and/or making some holiday cards!! Hoping to be back with another crafty share tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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